Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paper scraps everywhere

image from the net

I went in the studio today to look for my Christmas scrapbook paper for a new project and it turned into an overhaul.  I seem to have several drawers full of scraps. yikes!  So I spent the next hour tackling one of the drawers, putting all the scraps in color piles. Now how to store them.  If I had a big space with lots of drawers I guess I could put each color in a different drawer.  So far I have red, pink, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, brown, black and white.  Now that is 10 drawers, no I don't have that much space.  As a temporary measure I put them in folders and then in 2 drawers.

So my question to all of you out there.  How do store your paper scraps?

I thought I'd play with black and white images, no special meaning or anything with this page other than reading books does let you travel all over the world. I love the image of the little girl reading to her dog. So maybe it has meaning to me after all.

A little beauty for you, she was found art and I painted her over a watercolor crayon background.  The flowers are cut out from old walpaper.

After a long search I finally found one of these,

so that I can make these tags at the Artistic Life.  Shona Cole has the most fun little projects on Wednesdays. You would think that a simple square punch would be an easy thing to find.  Of course now I am punching inchies out of everything....  I love how new tools can lead to all sorts of new ideas and just plain fun.

Have you had any fun today, turn off the computer and go to your studio and play!


  1. It does look like so much fun, Kate. Okay, I will! Thanks for the inspiration, xoO

  2. I have my paper scraps in drawers. I use those stackable, plastic 12" x 12" drawers. They usually come in threes. I put reds and pinks together, blues and greens together, etc. I have six drawers for scraps and six drawers for images I've cut from books or magazines.

    Love Beauty!

  3. For my paper scraps, I sometimes use big Ziplock bags. That way they can be stored by colour and it's easy to store the bags in drawers or boxes.
    I like the pages you've done.

  4. great question!
    well... hard to answer ;-)
    the tiny little scraps they all go into an "everyday" box, you know to fill out the spaces in my collages
    the more than 4 inches go into a different cigar box
    i don't have them by color you just make me realized about that

  5. It certainly looks like you are having fun and that is what it's all about isn't it? Enjoy!!!

  6. answer!....pretty shoe boxes....! but then again I don't do too much collage so I guess it never builds up and out of control!

    have fun! thanks for sharing your art...
    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  7. I put my scraps in zip lock bags, I also us three ring binders. I find it nice to see them inside the page protectors.
    Merry Christmas, Mary

  8. I have a dresser that has three drawers just for paper, scraps and new. I have plastic scrapbook paper dividers in each drawer for keeping colors separately. Anything with the same color, painted papers, scraps, scrapbook paper all go in the same tray. I have one drawer for solid card stock, watercolor paper, chipboard, etc. and the other two have my colored papers in them. I also have a couple of large ziplocs that hang out on my desk or inside my desk drawer with lots of other scrapes that haven't been filed back where they belong yet...will they ever, I don't know !
    I am a bit of a scrap hoarder but I don't know how often I have looked through my syash in the ziplocs especially and found just the right scrap that I needed to make a pieces feel complete...
    Love punches of all kinds these days...
    Have fun with your beautiful tools, Friend !


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