Monday, December 27, 2010

Fascinating Work

 Its one of those wonderful quite mornings.  Dave has gone to work and my sister who is visiting and my daughter are still asleep. The only sounds are the the hum of the heater and a little wind outside. So pleasant that I just want to capture this moment and revel in it all day.  Soon the bubble will burst and all will change but for this moment I feel contentment and peace.

I found a most interesting thing on a blog I read that I wanted to share with you. Annekata talks about two artists who blend old photos with contemporary settings.  Some of the images are quite haunting.  Check her site out here


  1. Wow!! That photography is truly amazing. Thanks for the link.

    I love early mornings, too. When everything and everyone is still just waking up....before the hubbub of the day begins.

  2. Enjoy those quiet moments. :) And thanks for the link. The pictures look amazing!

  3. Wow, like putting yourself into history and some parts not so inviting or something one would want...

    Hope you had an enjoyable morning of quiet and solitude.


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