Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Spirit

Do you have the Christmas spirit yet?  I am going through the motions, not sure I have it yet. Its been cold and sunny here, no snow which is unusual for us.  I have spent the last couple days baking and shopping wrapping and all that jazz. I've been listening to music vis Spotify.  Do you have a favorite Christmas Cd?  I have been listening to Michael Buble's new Christmas CD it is pretty nice.

I have one gift I am trying to finish up.  I keep doing other things instead of finishing it.  Do you ever do that? Its something I need to mail so I really need to finish it. I planned on doing just that today but instead I have been wrapping presents which led to making gift tags on my Cricut, and before your know it the day is gone. My studio looks like a cyclone hit it and there isn't any art being done.  Soon I hope.

I hope you all are having some quiet special moments amidst the chaos of December.


  1. I seem incapable of finishing anything - especially writing Christmas cards... I've only done two!

    I loved your cruise post. Now that dress really is something. Can I borrow it?

  2. I'm so not in the Christmas spirit this year! We aren't even going to put up the trees. I've finished all my gift-giving and sent out most of my cards but I just don't have the spirit that I usually have.

  3. I feel the same way too... going through the motions, some what.
    As far as my usual tradition, of making homemade goodies to eat & holiday ornaments to pack up and mail out... just don't have it in me.
    I figure, for this Christmas... I am not going to "force" myself into it! if it comes naturally and my heart is into it, then, and only then will I find the true 'Christmas spirit".
    So far... I am at peace with that.
    Take care *hugs*

  4. I love this video...thanks! Let's say...I'm working on getting the Christmas spirit. I like your Sunday sketch in the above post.


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