Saturday, December 17, 2011

We Rescued a Hawk

Do you remember this Hawk I showed the other day. Well he ran into our picture window and was knocked out. We brought him into the house to help him survive.  I gave him some reiki and still he stayed asleep.

Here he is in the cat carrier we kept him in. He sat for the longest time just breathing but had no other movement.

He is starting to wake up.

It took 45 minutes for him to come back to life.

Here Dave is releasing him.

Then he flew to this tree. He is fine now. It is very satisfying helping a bird out when they are in distress.  We were not sure that this one would survive but are happy that it did,


  1. Very interesting, Kate. I wouldn't know what to do to rescue an animal, good for you for taking care of this sweet hawk! xoO

  2. Well done Kate. It must have been fascinating to be able to observe him at close quarters too.

  3. Good for you! We often have birds fly into our dining room window but they usually aren't hurt badly....they get up and fly away.

  4. Love you for helping him Kate. xo


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