Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back From My Travels

After two weeks of travel I am back home to the heat of summer. I spent yesterday doing most of the laundry and unpacking everything.  You know what they say, that you need a vacation after a vacation. The time to have your air conditioning go out in your car is not when the country is having a heat wave.  The trip home was pretty rough.   I had been listening to a book on tape called Home Front by Kristin Hannah. It was all about a female pilot who goes to Iraq and has to leave her kids. The scenes in Iraq where they talked about the heat really felt real to me as I felt the sweat on my back and everywhere else.  I hope the next book I listen to doesn't have such a reality feel to it. I finally just bought a bag of ice, and ate it and took chips of ice and smeared them all over myself. It did have a cooling effect that helped.

Here I am in the car all packed and ready to go.

I drove north through Montana and some awesome county. I love Montana I really miss going there now that Sarah is done with school.

Before I knew it I was back in Idaho. I stopped at Couer d'Alene for the night and stayed with a friend.  In the morning I had one of these caramel pecan rolls from Jimmy's Down the Street.  Its an awesome diner that was featured on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. I got this fresh out of the oven and even got to meet the pastry chef.

These prairie dogs were all around a rest stop in Washington. I am sure they get lots of photos taken.

At this rest stop there were signs like these all over.

I guess that they didn't want to encourage these guys. They were cute anyways and seemed well fed despite the signs.

At this rest area I thought I hadn't left Idaho. We have a lot of these puppies but I saw them in Washington and Oregon too.

I stopped at a few overlooks and rest areas that had some spectacular scenery.  It was hard getting back into the car. I am somewhere in Washington State.  The water looks so inviting here. To be continued....


  1. I'd never heard that one: You need a vacation after the vacation. How true, though. Enjoyed your pics. Yes, even Idaho is suffering a heat wave I think, lol. Hoping that this is as high as it'll get this year.

  2. I can sympathize with you over the a/c going out. It happened to me one time driving through the middle of California. It was not a pleasant trip! Glad you're back home and maybe enjoying some cooler temps.

    That pecan roll has me drooling. Now I'm off to the kitchen to see what I have to satisfy my sweet tooth!

  3. We used to have a pick up years ago with no AC...we went camping with friends and on the way home they passed us nice and cool in their AC. We were SO hot we got ice in a big thermos of water and I'd wring out a bandana and put it on BohoHandyman's head and face and finally we just started letting the water spill over our shoulders. It had to be. I so understand and am in awe you drove all that way without it!
    I am also in awe of anyone who can take off driving across states alone the way you do.
    Hope it was a great trip!

  4. So glad you made it home safely... missed you! :]
    Even tho you suffered the heat, overall it sounds like you had a great time.
    Such an adventure, isn't Washington State beautiful??
    Love all the photos, thank you for sharing, Kate.
    Enjoy your weekend. xx


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