Monday, July 9, 2012

The Summer Solstice Gathering

The Women Summer Solstice Gathering that I went to in Washington State was fabulous and wonderful.  I met so  many wonderful women. If you can imagine being with 200 other women all on similar paths meeting in community you can have a little tast of what it was like. It is a recreation of how women were treated and valued in the time of the Goddess and in some native cultures.  Females from 4 months to age 76 attended.  There were workshops, sweat lodges, a moon lodge and a healing lodge along with a sellers market and many sacred ceremonies.  Picture were not allowed due to the sacred and personal nature of events.  I did manage a couple though in the off times.

This is Jeanne, I camped my tent next to hers and it was a good decision.  She is an artist and we had a lot to share. This is the day it really poured rain, so much that we both got water in our tents. Jeanne was working in the healing lodge giving a massage to Lynne. That turned out to be a momentous thing for both of us.

Here I am with my friend Lynn. She invited Jeanne to stay in her cabin. Jeanne immediately said oh I can't leave Kate by herself so I was invited too. We had to stay in the top bunks but we'd be warm. The big plus was connecting with these fabulous women.

Patti and Cheryl were also in the cabin.  A lovely mother and daughter from New Jersey. It was great getting to know them.

Often at the ceremonies people really dressed up.  I got a snap of these two lovely ladies before things began.

One of the amazing days was Saturday where we went through rites of passages workshops.  That evening there were ceremonies honoring these rites. I can now say I am officially a wise-women crone. This was a life changing weekend for me.  I can't wait to attend next year.

I did very little art while I was gone. This doodle was about the only thing.

I started this page a few days ago. I will probably add a poem or some journaling to it. The girl was drawn separately and glued down.  I used Gelatos and colored pencils to color her in.


  1. I'm glad you had a good time, Kate. It sounds lovely. Congratulations on being official as a wise-woman crone!! xoO

  2. I'm glad you had a great time connecting with other women, but sorry about water in tent :( You will probably make more artwork through your experience, and I'll be happy to see it. Your drawings/paintings always look so other-worldly, and that's complimentary!

  3. What fun!! :]
    Arting and playing dress -up too...
    everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time.
    Thank you for sharing, Kate.
    Love seeing your artwork too.


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