Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Raven Spreads Her Wings

Time for a break from the travelogue I have been doing.  When I went through my croning ceremony at the Woman's Summer Solstice Gathering we were given the option to choose a name.  I decided to give myself some time to think about it.  I knew it would involve Raven somehow but waited for the idea to come to me.  The name came to me in a dream and I decided to paint it.  In fact I am planning on doing many paintings with this as a theme.  My crone name is


She is painted on 18 x 24 Mixed Media paper using Liquitex basics and oil pastels. This whole idea is also related to another project that I am working on that I will talk about tomorrow.


  1. Love the colors and your new name. Suits you! Beautiful!!!

  2. I too think that your new name and your painting suits you so well. It is also so special that it came to you in a dream. xoO

  3. Oh my... sounds very "exciting!"
    Can not wait to read all about it... :]
    Love the painting and such a lovely green dress you painted too.
    Thank you for sharing your dream & story, all seems magical!!! ~xx


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