Friday, July 27, 2012

Cannon Beach

I have been working on my website all day so its time to get back to travel for my post today.

We spent many hours walking along this shore. I do love the Oregon coast and the ocean.  It has such contemplative beauty about it.  I so wish I lived closer.

We had the most perfect day at the beach. Here she is  my daughter the bathing beauty. Unfortunately she really got sunburned badly despite having sunscreen on.

I was at Cannon Beach about ten years ago and I really loved it. So coming back here was a must. Here is that most famous view of haystack rock.

Girls never tire of playing in the sand or maybe its the writer in her leaving her mark.

Its a little rough but such a beautiful heart.

Of course I was next so I wrote my name in the sand.

Once you begin I know you start seeing hearts and other pieces of beauty wherever you go. I loved the colors in this shell.  It was pretty fragile and I knew it would have broken by the time I got home so we left it on the beach for someone else to cart home.

We saw this pair of skulls in one of the shops.  I loved how they were painted.

We too a rest on this bench. I love it when there are nooks and crannies everywhere that are just fun to explore. There is more to come but that can wait for another day.  Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. How awesome to have this sweet mother/daughter time !

  2. Time spent together in such a beautiful place is great. I love the Oregon coast. Looks as if you enjoyed yourselves.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love writing in the sand too. :)



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