Monday, October 15, 2012

New Journal Pages

Yes I am finally back to blogging. After a 12 day hiatus I have a few things to share. Today I thought I would bring out some of the journal pages that I made while on my trip.

I played with a ziploc bag of collage items that I carry with me when I go on a trip. Its always fun to see what can be arranged.

This is a  journal I received as a gift from one of the retreat participants. It is one of two journals that were gifts.

It was filled with lovely Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper. Its the best paper and really can take a lot of abuse and still look wonderful.

This page shows the Louise Hay Inspirational card that came with the journal. I taped it down so you could flip it and read both sides.

This is the flip side and what the right hand page looks like with it moved.

I started with an image of the stone door and played with the idea of stones and all the places I have seen them.

This one was inspired by my travels. I saw lots of red rock and many petroglyphs. The background was made using gelatos. I am loving this little journal, I will be sad when all the lovely paper is used up.

Next time I'll share all the art supply goodies I found on my trip.


  1. It's good to have you back!! I missed you.

    The journal pages all look so cool. I like the red one with the petroglyphs.

  2. Such a lot of goodies...I love them all!

  3. Simply beautiful, Kate! :]
    The collage work is one of my favorite.
    Enjoy your new journal and the Fabriano paper. ~xx


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