Thursday, October 25, 2012

Putting It All Into Words or Paint

I have had a hard time blogging about Total Alignment. On one hand its that I need to weed through the hundreds of pictures from my trip. Make those decisions what to show, what to talk about. On the other hand how do you put this experience into words at all.

For now I think I will show you some of the paintings I created. You can also look at the pics that Connie at DirtyFootprints Studio posted. Here is the link to see a little bit of what Total Alignment was like.

This first one is about a character that I will be writing about in  November, she shape shifts into a raven. I wrote words on the piece to encourage me.

In this piece I attempted to go looser or freer in my approach. I had no preconceived ideas, just kept layering on the paint I loved making this.

At Connie's suggestion I tried to look at a painting in view of my dyeing experience. So I started with warm colors in a stripe pattern. This was vertical at first and I thought it looked like all the scenery of Sedona so I turned it around. I used oil pastel to draw in some of the rocks.

I had a lot of color on my palette so I continued with the same color scheme. I see this as one of Sedona's many vortexes.

This one is still a WIP. I plan to put it back on my painting wall and work in some imagery on their dresses.

This one is my favorite, I so love layering colors and using fun tools to change the way paint looks.  Every time I look at this I see something different.

I played with photographing it.

Over and over and it was easy to find all those sweet spots.

When you take micro shots of a piece amazing things can happen. This one is from the second painting.

I know this guy is watching out for me.

This was my last piece and its a memory painting. When we took one of our walks there was this tree that many of us sat it. It was a special place and I loved creating a painting around it. It is more vibrant in person.

Don't you just love this little me?

This week I started DEEP, Connie's second course in the Fearless Painting Process. Here is my painting table all set up with paint and tools.  I plan on using up all this miscellaneous paint I have. Some was given to me and some I bought for one purpose or another and just never used. I am hoping to empty some of these jars during the next month.

This is my first piece, it is 35 X 46, the biggest I have ever painted. We were to think about Joy as we painted, as a  result I see a lot imagery of things I like. I see the cup as the cup of life, it holds all those wonderful things in my life.  I am not sure where the elephant comes in. I do like elephants and have been drawn to Ganesh lately so that must be it.  In intuitive fearless painting you never  know what will appear in a painting. I am loving working this way.


  1. Oh my goodness! Your paintings are fabulous. I think the one that is your favorite is my favorite too, but I am also loving the "freer approach" one AND how can you not love little you in the tree?!!! I can't wait to see what else you did while you were gone. We need to get together again before you start writing all next month.

  2. I'm just in love with your paintings Kate. I sure understand how hard it can be to describe a transformational retreat like that!! Just enjoy the glow you brought home - you deserve it!!!!!

  3. I can tell by your paintings that you really enjoyed this experience. Your paintings just seem to sing with color and symbolism. The last one you showed is my favorite.

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun. :) Love the layers!

  5. Getting to the intuitive level and just playing with your muse is a wonderful gift. So glad you are learning to go there. You are right, you never know what will come from it.
    Enjoy the glow and I hope your landing is smooth and easy...

  6. Kate these are wonderful pieces! It seems as though you have been freed somewhere inside, and now you are truly painting BIG!!

  7. Wow you have great paintings and your equipment is cool :) You have everything that you need to be creative :)

  8. Your paintings are beautiful! I like how fearless the works look and how expressive they are!


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