Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Writing Wednesday- Nano Kickoff Party

We had our Nano Kickoff party last night. We usually have a theme because its fun and it keeps people motivated. This is my CO-ML Amber with the artwork that my daughter Sarah created.

Amber is our super hero leader.

The two ML's of our group otherwise known as Wonder Woman(Amber) and her faithful sidekick Art Woman(Me).

We made 75 of these masks. Mine needs to be moved up a little, I can't see a thing.

Lee and Robin, you don't want to mess with these two.

Ana-Lisa, Amy and Rupert all in their masks.

These guys are also known as The Avengers and they are the best writing buddies a girl could have,

The had to pose as the You Should Be Writing Guys.

Then some of us unmasked ourselves. These ladies are new members so I don't know their names. We had a blast at our kickoff and I know November is going to be awesome.

For those who need some art inspiration, here are two pages in my art journal that I have been working on.

I showed these backgrounds previously in this post 


  1. Hi Kate. I LOVE the idea of a Nano kickoff party! Does the group get together to write? Do you bounce ideas off of each other? How does the group work and how did it get started? I absolutely love the idea. I have been thinking about the NANOWRIMO and really want to take another go at it this year. I have seen some amazing resources through The Writer's Digest coming in my email. Your art is a great inspiration too.
    Hugs and blessings to you Kate. I hope your NANOWRIMO will meet with great success!

  2. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun at the kick-off party. It won't be long now before you all have to get down to business so a little fun was called for.

  3. Kooky fun ! Enjoy the writing flow !


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