Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inspiration is Everywhere

I am finding inspiration everywhere this week. In new books, nature and just letting go. I am finding a  burst of creativity coming out of me and the feeling is awesome.  Early this week Connie Hozvicka gave the lesson on Life Book.  She had us dancing with our paintbrushes.

So I started a few backgrounds, they are all works in progress. I started with the dancing paintbrush and kept adding layers. Of course I couldn't contain myself to just one page.

I am still playing with this one. I have been using some of the techniques in this book. I love painting with my fingers.

It really goes along with what I have learned in BIG and the whole idea of Fearless Painting. Its what I am really resonating with lately. You just follow your intuition and paint what you are called to. Just let go, its only a painting after all.

Then last night my friend Jolene came over for an Art evening. Would you believe we painted till midnight.

This is what she worker on. Fine delicate and beautiful work.

This idea started earlier in the day.  I was cleaning my studio for Jolene's visit and saw the masking tape I use to put big pieces of paper on my painting wall.  I usually throw it away but got a brilliant insight.  I will just put it in my art journal. So this is how it looked at the start.

This is after I added all the paint. I just love it now. Can you see the face hidden in there? I think I will be saving all that tape from now on.

There are lots of layers here. I ended up working in three different journals. Its hard waiting for things to dry so I just moved to the next journal.  That worked really great.

There is just one layer and then I added the chevrons from one Jolene's stencils. I imagine when I am done it will look nothing like this.  I really like Flora's idea of using cool colors, letting them dry and then adding warm colors and on and on.

I saw a figure in the background and will expand on this some more. I like to add some warm colors now.  Maroon reds are calling to me here. I ended up painting with brushes, chopsticks, fingers rags, sponges and other pointy tools.

There are a few pieces of tape underneath, more on the circle theme.

This one is only 2 layers so far. I love how it glows in that one side.

The one thing I took away from last night is how important it is to have art friends.  Someone you can get together with and play.  Besides all the painting we shared book ideas, boards on Pinterest we loved, ideas we had seen on the net and more.  Thanks Jolene for such a fabulous time.

This got me to thinking about having a google+ hangout with virtual art friends.  I have done this with writers but not artists.  We could all be in own studios sharing as we work.  I may have to try it with one friend and see how it works.  I'll keep you posted.

Tell me what is inspiring you this week?


  1. I see the face!!! I wonder if it's the same one you see though. Thank you for having me over last night...we really did completely lose track of time, which means we had the best time. It was great! You inspired me this week!

  2. I wanna come to your house & play toooooo!!! Seriously though, your 'play' looked like the best fun, & wowee! Look at your studio! Thanks or sharing & I see the face too.

  3. "SUPER FUN!" :]
    Look at all this inspiration... love the painted background papers, yummy textures, bright/playful colors, and the designs. :]
    The masking tape, isn't that so fun using it in your journal that way?
    I really like the textured effect the tape gives.
    I will even use it in creating a front cover on an altered book.

  4. Ah your post is so freeing...I over think things, and need to start dancing with mt paintbrush!


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