Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 10

I bought this stencil at Michaels today.  Michaels has a 50% off coupon this week. I went to the store for something else but they did not have what I wanted so I got this.  I think it will be fun to make backgrounds with.

I tried it out in face #10. This page had been gessoed and I used spray inks but most of the color came off, I forgot that gesso is a resist. So instead of reds and oranges I got pinks.  I wanted to do sort of a wonky face today, just something different so I started with this crazy hair and went with it. I think she looks like a 50's housewife. I used a tiny stamp and white ink to make her flowered dress. Maybe she is Donna Reed come back to set us straight.

Here is face  number 11. She was found art from the background.  At first I saw her as Polynesian, her skin colored changed a number of times and now I think she looks Native American. Of course the island floral dress doesn't seem to fit anymore, plus the body is a little small for the head. Oh well its been a fun exercise never the less. I think its time I got some reference photos for native and island woman so I can explore this look a little bit more.


  1. Always some fun going on here Kate. Great work on your faces. I kinda wish I had known about this and started a face a day, but then, I just might have fizzled out. Sigh...I'll just look at yours. xoxo

  2. More fun faces! I like the Donna Reed housewife! She has great hair and such a serene smile. Maybe she isn't Donna Reed after all...maybe she's one of the Stepford wives!

  3. I was so glad to find you in my comments, it had been so long. I love all your faces. What part of your home are you remodeling? I decided to share this adventure on my blog since I haven't been doing a lot of crafts this summer.
    Thank you for coming by, Mary

  4. Hip, hip... hooray!!
    Love your faces, Kate. :]
    You don't know how many times I have picked up that stencil from Michael's, indecisive about the way it would turn out as a background, and ended up putting it back... not anymore, thanks for sharing ~xx
    Next time I am there, this stencil is coming home with me, for sure!! ((LOL))
    Keep those faces coming, you are on a roll!


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