Thursday, September 13, 2012

Experimenting with Wax

This is my second encaustic piece.  I wanted to incorporate  a letter to my Grandmother and her picture. There is a lot of different techniques here. I used a stencil at the top left. The letter and picture were printed on tissue paper. The bottom section is a paper doily. The section to the right of the picture originally had pansies under the wax but they looked awful so I took them out and added lace and ribbon.

This piece has an image on tissue paper. I tried the carbon paper technique to write 'The Solace of Nature' but it did not come out that well..Grass in the front was made with a tool and then by adding green oil paint in the grooves. The sky was redone abut ten times. First it was light and then dark and then I added the sun and then took it out and on an on. Wax is so much fun, if you don't like something just scrape it off and start again.

29 Faces Continues

Here is face number 12, she is supposed to be angry, not sure I captured that but she does look somewhat stern.

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  1. Those encaustic pieces are incredible, Kate. I really like the combinations of the things on the tissue paper with the colors and paint and wax. Very, very beautiful! xoO


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