Wednesday, September 5, 2012

29 Faces - 3 & 4

This face was painted using Inktense Pencils and water. I used some stamps in the background and just kept it simple.  I think she looks a bit melancholy. In this challenge we don't even have to finish the face but I do try to.  If I was a realistic painter it would be harder to finish these every day. Since I am doing them in my art journal the pressure is off to make them perfect and I like that.

This started out with a gelatos and water background but I pretty much covered it up. She is painted with a variety of different acrylics. She is number 4 so far.  I am caught up now I just need to do one a day to keep up with the rest of the group.  With this challenge I like to try something different if I can.  Sometimes its using different supplies or colors.  I like the color of her hair it was fun creating that.

If you just want to see the '29 faces' posts you can put those words in the search bar at the top of the blog. It might be fun to do that at the end of the month to see all the faces.


  1. You do such pretty faces...and somehow, in some way, they always look a bit like you. Fantastic!!

  2. Lovely faces, the one with yellow hair is angelic, beautiful expression! Great job!

  3. I am really loving all these drawings/sketches. And WOW! I can't believe the number of participants. Good Going, Ayala! Wish I had time to post on everyone's individual submissions.


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