Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Sketches September 3

Popping in here for Sunday Sketches. This is my lady for today. You can check out what other sketchers are doing today over at The Blue Chair Diary.

The remodel is not going as planned so it won't be a couple weeks but more like months.  We ripped up the carpet and then Dave decided to expand what we are doing. He wants to do the kitchen floor first.  So we are removing the linoleum which is a thankless job. It may take a week to do that. We need to replace part of the subfloor in the kitchen and most likely the living room. We might also sand down the textured walls and re-paint. So my blogging will be intermittent at best. I will blog at least once a week just to keep my sanity.

I decided to include this one as part of 29 faces in September. See next post for details.


  1. Ooh I don't envy you that remodeling job. I hate doing that sort of stuff!

    Yes, keep the art supplies and computer handy for a sanity kick!

  2. Oh, boy, sorry to hear that Kate, but glad that he is feeling well enough to take on such a project and ambitious about the house. Lots of work for you both!

    I like the words as hair very much! xoO

  3. Yes, it's September and YES it STILL feels like summer!! Way too hot here! :D hee Anyways, LOVE your sketch, Kate and so glad to see you. Hugs :)

  4. Lovely sketch and good luck with the remodelling, it will be worth it in the end!

  5. Hi Kate: Are you on flickr? Take care with renovation. Happy Labor Day!

  6. why is it that every managable project has to grow to an extremely challenging one when you take on your home ?
    Deep breaths and lots of art, I say !
    Good luck, Kate !

  7. have fun with that renovation... hearing this makes me glad we pushed ours back a while... hope it doesn't interfere too much with your drawing...xx

  8. Hang in there, with the remodeling. ~xx
    Love your Sunday sketch, got a soft spot for all that typography!! :]


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