Saturday, September 22, 2012

A More Interesting Face

Face 23 was created with Neocolor II watercolor crayons. I had major problems with this, I may have to try the image again on different paper. I had too much water on the page and almost got a hole in it. Very frustrating.

Next I wanted to do a more interesting face.  I got out the Sennelier oil pastels, oh I love these tools. I first heard about them from Mystele and she told me how she loved their creaminess. She is so right they are wonderful and blend so well.  I am slowly building up a collection of colors.  I really wanted paynes grey today but didn't have it so that goes on the list.

I think of her as a wise peasant woman, I would like to do more faces with character. All the magazine images I use for inspiration show young women.  I think its time I started to portray another kind. I can see a new Pinterest board in the making.


  1. Hi Kate, I love your last face. It has been so interesting to see all your faces. And I totally agree with you on making faces with character. After all we can skip the wrinkles we don't like and concentrate on the ones that make character.

  2. I'm doing a bit of catch-up today. Your new faces are all so much fun. I really like the ones you show here today.

    And I like what you did with the masking tape on that previous post. I love it when I can use things that would normally be thrown out.

  3. Always something new and differen, I can't wait to see the next one. Hugs, Mary

  4. The top lady has creases of wisdom, which add quite a bit of interest. I really like your new profile image too.


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