Friday, September 21, 2012

Faces 21 and Writing Too

I just realized that I never let my readers of this blog know what I am doing elsewhere on the internet. Time to remedy that. Over on Facebook and Twitter I have been listing an Art Journal Prompt every day,  and for Writers I have a daily writing practice suggestion.  Now I know that some of you are not on Facebook or Twitter so I created another option to see these prompts. At the end of the month I post the entire list on my website. I have the prompts already up for this month.  You can see them by clicking on this link for art prompts and this link for writing prompts.  Ok now back to 29 faces.

29 Faces

I have a couple more faces to share today. I continue to try all the media that I can think of to create these faces. I have seven more to go so I may have to mix it up to keep them original.

This face was made with Pan Pastel. I use pastel paper that had a blue tint to it. I have those tools with the little sponge covers that they sell with the sets so I used them.  They do work pretty great. I wasn't sure if I had the colors to do a skin tone or not.  I used white, burnt sienna and pink. This went pretty quick and was fun I used some pastel pencil for the small details. They key was to stop smering it all with my hand while I was working on it. At one point I got a sheet of paper out to cover up areas and that worked great.

This face was created using Derwent's InkTense Blocks. It was a lot like using the pencils but you really can lay down color quicker. I used gelatos oil pastels for the background.  This was done on mixed media paper which ended up buckling a lot due to the water I added. Adding absorbent ground to the paper really helps with water media.  I really like the Canson Mixed Media books for journals. I wish they made watercolor ones in the same sizes and spiral bound. I may have to try the Strathmore ones again. I bought the larger size watercolor one before but the paper wasn't all that exiting.  Perhaps I will have to start making my own again.

I am taking a break from art to process some peaches today, maybe I should paint them first.  The colors are so pretty.


I kind of spaced my writing post this week so I will add it here. I gave the writing talk at my writers group so I was spending most of my week on that. I did find some great resources on the web from fellow writer Daniel. There is a series on structure that is so good. Its a series of videos by Dan Wells. After that I found a series of lectures by fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson that is good too. I don't know why I never thought of You Tube as a source for writing wisdom. I think I will be watching a few videos for awhile.  Wisdom is power. If you're a writer check these out they are great.

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