Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trying More Supplies

Doing this challenge is really making me use supplies in new ways. I highly recommend it. So far I have used watercolor markers, charcoal pencil, acrylics, graphite pencil, woodless pencils, india ink, inktense pencils,watercolor, vine charcoal, gelatos aka water soluble oil pastels. I have painted as small as a tag and as big as 18 x 24.  I have 9 more faces.  What else should I use? I m thinking I may use  regular oil pastell, wc crayons, soft pastels and maybe even wax.

For this face I went down to the size of my art journal, which is 7 x 10. I pulled out the Aqua Markers and gave them a try. There is a learning curve with these puppies. I did discover that when I picked the black marker by mistake, that I could add lots of water and blot out the color.  You can't even tell that the black mark was on her face. I like that fixability factor. A paper towel was my partner in this painting.

Face no. 20 is drawn with vine charcoal, I love how immediate charcoal is and forgiving when you have a kneaded eraser on hand. After I did the dress I thought it looks like fringe and makes her look like a white woman in a native costume which was not the intention at all.  I love drawing with charcoal. I want to use it more in the future. I don't think I have ever used it an art journal page.  I think that should change soon.

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  1. Wow!!
    These are fantastic, Kate.
    I really like how different each face is.
    Such a variety of mediums, elements, and design... way to go!! ~xx


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