Thursday, September 27, 2012

All About Pencils

I found this fabulous history of pencils on Facebook from my friend Palma. Getting to know your pencils

Face 28 was created with gouache watercolors on watercolor paper. After this I tried a face in wax but it was a disaster. So I moved on to something else.

With this last face I made a tag out of watercolor paper. I took my Dr.PH Martin liquid watercolors and attempted  to mix a skin color.  My friend Jolene had told me which colors she uses and I gave it a try.  It came out way too pink so I tried toning it down with colored pencil. I didn't like her lips, she looks a little pouty to me.  I made it, I made 29 faces in September. I am looking forward to doing something else now.

Our remodel is still going on.  I feel like we are in an episode of This Old House, you know where the host comes to the owner and says "We have a Problem". First when we started to pull up the subfloor we had a big area that was not level. It took Dave all last week to fix it.  Now we have discovered the people who built the house in the 60's never put any support under the fireplace. So now Dave has to go into the crawlspace and create some support and add floor jacks. He has to work lying down amongst the dirt. Not a fun job. I hope this is the last of the problems. He still has half the subfloor to replace.  I sure hope that side of the room is level.

My spinning friends from Salt Lake are coming down for the weekend, so the construction will stop for a few days at least. I am looking forward to a fun relaxing weekend with good friends.


  1. Congratulations Kate!!!
    Such fun, watching your progress... very inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing your 29 Faces. :]

  2. Yea! You did it...I knew you would. And now you have 29 faces that you can be proud of.

    Every home fix-it job we've ever taken on has had some kind of surprise connected with it. At least you have a fun weekend to relax and enjoy and forget about all the work.


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