Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Remodel Blogging Break

By the title of my post you should know what I am going to say.  We are ripping up our living room carpet and putting down a new floor. Since this is going to take a lot of time I will not be blogging for a little while. I will be ripping out carpet and those awful tack strips and trying to remember how beautiful it will be when its finished. Soon I'll be back with pictures of the finished project.


  1. Oh, Kate, I will be thinking of you. I just went through something similar and it takes so much time. I wish you luck.

  2. will be missed.
    Totally understandable, best of luck. ~xx

  3. Dang it! Does this mean your bachelorette days are over...AND I missed it?!! Good luck on your remodel. I'm sure it will be awesome once you're finished!

  4. Yes, we are talking about doing that very thing and pricing different kinds of flooring. We don't seem to be in a hurry because yes-it-is-a-lot-of-hard-work. I don't look forward to that carpet tack business. Good luck with the project. Can't wait to see it finished.


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