Monday, August 27, 2012

Hot Wax

After talking about it so long I finally got out to my garage to do some encaustic painting.  Instead of more samples I decided to jumo in and make a real piece.

So here is the first one. I wanted to do something totally different but as soon as I laid down my first layer of wax I knew it would not be what I had planned. The wax was not hot enough so it became a texture piece early on. I thought it would be like a sampler. I would try out several things, like adding a color stripe, toning down that color. I tried a stencil that didn't work, did some carving and adding down oil paint in the grooves. I used a napkin for the focal point and just built around those colors. Despite all my mishaps I kind of like my first piece. I have a lot to learn about this new medium. Oh by the way the new torch worked fabulous. I am so glad I purchased it.

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  1. Catching up here Kate, forgive my absense. I think your 1st encaustic piece came out quite well. And your jewelry below is all awesome What a fun way to spend watching TV. I love the little colorful house painting too.
    Glad I came to visit. Will try not to be so late next time.


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