Monday, August 13, 2012

A Page at Midnight

I made this page late last night. I used gelatos for the whole page and added some stamping on top.  The background and dress had water added to them to bring out the color. The face and hair I blended with my fingers.   I had another journal page to show from last week but blogger doesn't seem to like to file.  I have tried uploading several time and it errors out each time. It was not any spectacular so you haven't missed much.

For the next couple weeks I am going to have a lot of time to do art and other creative pursuits. I will be blogging either a little less or just have small posts.  I want to use the time to really work on some projects.  Hopefully I will have lots of fun stuff to show soon.


  1. You amaze me! How you can make your Gelatos look so good, I will never know! Also, your Sunday Sketch from yesterday is beautiful (I'm a little behind) AND archery too! That sounds so fun.

  2. Hip, hip... Hooray!!
    Can not wait, enjoy your creative time. "ART ON!"
    Love your midnight page. ~xx


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