Friday, August 24, 2012

More Jewelry

I have been editing a book for a friend this week so that has had most of my focus. There still has been time for more jewelry making. I like to do this while watching TV in the evenings.  I have been watching Foyle's War on Netflix and really enjoying it.  The actor Michael Kitchen is a favorite of mine.  He seems to portray such a gentle man in a difficult era. The series is based on some real stories so it is like a real lesson in the history of lives of those who lived during that time.  I highly recommend it.

Some glass bead earrings.

These yin yang earrings are some kind of bone or made to feel like bone most likely.

This necklace I started awhile ago but ran out of one of the beads, so I couldn't finish it.  Finally I found the bead at a local craft store.  I was happy to be able to finish it.

These stone chips in this bracelet have such amazing colors in them.  It was fun to make.  I know when I wear it I will be twirling those chips around and marveling at their color.


  1. I'm having my lunch break and decided to see what you were doing. The jewelry is beautiful! I think the yin/yang earrings are my favorite. And I loved Foyle's War...thoroughly enjoyed it and Michael Kitchen.

  2. oh, i just love those yin/yang earrings! beautiful pieces - and multi-tasking (watching tv) as well!

  3. Kate, I didn't know you made jewelry too. It's lovely! You are so multi-talented. xoxo


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