Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Travels Continue

In our campsite was this log. We both thought it looked like a dinosaur head.

When in Nehalem we saw this little store.  We thought it might be the usual tourist shop but we went in anyways.

We were surprised to find medieval helmets inside amongst everything else.

I love this eagle on top of one of the buildings.

Here is Sarah at Hug Beach.

Once we got to the beach we looked to the right and saw this beautiful waterfall.

This rock reminded me of one we saw the day before  Sarah suggested we walk out to the rock to see what was growing on it.  It looked safe but of course when we got there a big wave came in and we were soaked.

It was a bit colder this day.  I loved all the colors in the rocks.

There were lots of rocks and the beach was virtually empty.

I liked this little alcove.  It wasn't big enough to hide in but maybe in another 100 years it will be.

Oh the shore all the rocks were covered with these litte guys. There were a lot of mussels, the black ones.

I thought these gooseneck barnacles were fascinating.  The look like dinosaur toes to me.

Then I saw this one with long extention coming out.

Then we touched the end of it and these things came out of it.  It was fascinating. We saw more of them like this., when you touched some of them they came out to see what was going on and others were scared and pulled back in.

After time on Hug Beach we headed up to Cannon Beach again. We walked among all the shops in town.

Don't you just love the idea of this place.  It started raining and then we got really cold so we headed into here.

It was wonderfully warm inside.  The oven for the pizza's gave the place a wonderfully warm feeling.  We felt like we were in a protective cocoon. Plus the pizza was fantastic.

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