Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two Journals and a Goddess

After taking Connie Hozvika"s course BIG I put a huge piece of paper on my painting wall. 6 sheets of 18 x 24 paper. I found it so intimidating that I just couldn't begin to paint on it. The other day I thought this is silly and told myself to paint on part of it. So that is what I did. This little goddess came out. She is 18 x 48. It feels great to have overcome that white paper and just paint again.

 Here is a little video showing a couple journals I just finished.


  1. Your goddess is cool and bigger than anything I've ever done. That white paper fear has me in its grip!

    What fun journals you made. I like them both. I have several that are stuck in boxes just waiting to be finished...but they're going to have to wait a little longer.

  2. Awww... love seeing you!! ~xx
    Thank you for sharing your journals, they are such a part of us, don't you think? :]
    I really like the different papers you used for your mini journal and the painted papers... fantastic! I agree, it is cute, simply adore the fabric.
    Hip, hip, hooray... for show and tell!! This was a wonderful visit, thank you Kate.

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  4. wow!! now that's a big painting!! i simply cannot imagine creating that big!!
    i wanted to enjoy your vid, but sadly the moving leaves in the background were just too much... my lil brain still can't process that kind of movement :(
    lovely to 'chat', dear kate xxx


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