Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Writing Wednesdays - Not

Work in Progress: I hate to say it b ut I have done zilch on writing all week but this is what I have been up to instead.

I made this little painting using gelato's on watercolor paper.  Water was added to bring out the color. I used charcoal for outlining.

Next I made this 6 bracelets. They are done on stretchy cord and were easy to make.

Then these 4 pairs od simple earrings came about.

I think the hummingbirds are so sweet.

This was a bracelet I ought in Paris and it had fallem apart so I worked at re-making it.

The following two piece were dyed using old rusty pieces I found in my barn. This fabric was offwhite muslin when I started.

This one was white cotton fabric.  The rusty item was wrapped in the fabric and then sprayed with vinegar and water and left to set overnight.  I plan to use them as backgrounds for encaustic wax paintings.

What have you been doing in your spare time?


  1. Maybe no writing but at least you've been busy creating. I like the jewelry. I've never tried making any myself but maybe after I finish the studio I'll give it a whirl.

    As for spare time...ha! Mostly I'm resting up for the next day's project. I think we're nearing the end of the re-do.

  2. No writing, plenty of "arting!"... sometimes being creative is all you need to get going in either direction. :]
    I really like your gelato painting, so sweet!
    The jewelry Kate, looks beautiful.
    You have a real talent for creating these. ~xx
    I have made a few beaded & charm bracelets in my past, and have found it few relaxing to create.

    In my spare time... trying to bet the heat!! ((super hot))
    This has become a job about our home! ((LOL))
    Here in California, we have had a very long heatwave.
    Temperatures well over 100° and at nightfall still in the 80's...
    not much painting for me. :[

  3. You've sparked my creative urges. I get a lot of writing done, but have several art projects still waiting for me to finish. Love your bracelets!


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