Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2013 Incredible Year Workbook

I just got my copy of these and they are fantastic as usual. Most of you only need the Life version but for myself I could use the business one so I bought both of them.   I have used the Life workbook for 2 years and I love it.  The questions that Leonie asks help you let go of 2012 and start planning what you want to have happen in 2013.  I think they are the best thing on the market. I only share things that I use myself. If you are interested in getting on click here or on the link in my sidebar.

Only art I have done this week is for DEEP so here they are, more oil pastel drawings.

This is just squares of color I was trying to use all the groups of color in different combinations.

This is four sheets of paper taped together.  I wanted to make a tree that turned into a woman.  The crazy hair was fun to do.


  1. WOW!!
    Looks like you are going to start the year of with a "bang"... the best to you. ~xx
    Thank you for sharing the info.
    Going to have to take a deeper look into all this...
    Love the artwork, very expressive, Kate. :]

  2. The problem with me and workbooks is that I don't do them. :) I have bought so many things with best of intentions but then don't follow through. It's a shame really. I'm wishing you best of luck! :) Great art!

  3. You're really in the groove with your art. I like the woman/tree so much.


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