Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hair Spray It Is

I think I have to say that I like the Hair Spray the best. It seals the page enough so it does not rub off, adds no brush marks and doesn't make it really glossy.  One of the point of using oil pastels is all the instant texture you get.  You lose all that when you put a finish on it. It seems that hair spray lets you keep more of your original look.  So that is what I will be using from now on.

Here is a fun story I wanted to share.  Its about a bird a woman and greeting cards, click on this link to read it. story


  1. Good to know about the hair spray. I've used it on pencil drawings and it worked.

    Now I'm off to check out the story.

  2. YES!!! A great trick indeed...
    was taught all about the hairspray technique, while taking a coarse in collage, oil pastels. :]
    Amazing right?!

    Off to read the story, thank you for sharing... ~xx


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