Thursday, November 29, 2012

Exploring Oil Pastel Sealers

Oil pastel on mixed media paper.  I still seem to be making those rock cairns from Sedona. I love them as an image.  They bring a sense of peace to me. I have discovered that doing all these heavy il pastels in my art journal has resulted in a problem.  How to seal them so they don't bleed on to the next page.  The internet menions 2 ways to seal, gloss/varnish and a spray on sealer.  I have tried both.  The gloss varnish leaves a glossy look an brush marks, The spray is better but it still put a sheen on it and it smells.  I really like it without, so one I could just leave the page next to it blank.  Then I would not need to worry about it contaminating another page. On my next one I will try hair spray and see what result that gives.

I ordered some of Alisa Burke's stamps and they came today.  I cut them out and stamped them all   on some scrap papers.  I love them, they are going to be so much fun to use in backgrounds.

Today I have had the post nano blues.  I spent most of the day cleaning, first my bedroom and then my office/writing room. Went out to lunch with a friend, spent some time with my daughter on the phone, wrapped some Christmas gifts, dug out some new projects to work on but can't seem to settle on anything.  When you are involved in something so intense as Nano is, its hard to change gears. Its hard not to feel a little bit sad that its over.


  1. Dont be sad Kate. Go and write some more. Get that book done. I once read something that Steven King wrote. "A good book is about 300 or so pages. If you write a page a day for a year, you will have a book at the end of the year."... I think you are way ahead of that.

    As for your oil pastels, I have never tried sealing them, but I do put a piece of tissue, wax, or tracing paper between pages to protect the previous page. Let me know how the hair spray works. Did you know you can blend these oil pastels with a little bit of turpenoid on a brush? Also, maybe gesso as an underpainting will help if you have bleed thru. I havent tried that yet but it sounds good, huh? xoxoxo

  2. I can't be much help with the oil pastel problem but I do the same as Judie...I put waxed paper between the pages in my art journals.

    The stamps look beautiful. I saw them on Alisa's blog but haven't ordered any yet.

    And I agree with Judie again...don't be sad. Just continue writing. No one said you have to quit at the end of November. You can still write every day.

  3. Be easy with yourself as you make your transition. And maybe celebrate all you have accomplished some more!
    You know I love the rock piles !
    Hugs !


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