Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Being Creative in Different Ways

The latest page in my journal.  The background was made with spray inks. This time I remembered that  I couldn't paint over spray inks. So I added a paper for the face shape and used gelatos as the medium. I  used my fingers to spread the color and highlighted that with colored pencil.

My friend Janet commented the other day that she was amazed that I was still doing art while writing my 1,667 words a day. I thought I'd share how and why that is happening this year.  Well first I couldn't go without making art for a month if I tried. Its just not possible. Secondly I think both writing and art are creative endeavors and they both serve the same purpose. When I am stuck writing I find that doing some art takes the pressure off, it makes me relax so I can then go back to the writing with new eyes. I think it really helps to different kinds of creative things, it helps getting stuck in any one space. Even within the art world I do different things. Sometimes its a journal page and others a painting or a tag or postcards etc. Or I may be writing a blog post or a novel or content for my website. Its all creative and fuels me in different ways.

Tell me do you do more than one creative thing?


  1. Well, I read. :)) It's not creating but it takes my mind off stuff and I loose myself in another world for a while. :) You painting looks wonderful!

  2. I love the faces you paint. They always have such interesting expressions.

    Yes, I do lots of creative things. I think sometimes that's my downfall as my mind flits from one to the other. I paint and do lots of mixed media art, I crochet, I bake (in the winter)and I love to read which I think is creative in its own way.

  3. A GREAT painted face!!
    Yes, I tend to be branch off, in a thousand different directions, when it comes to art.
    It is a good thing!! :]


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