Sunday, November 25, 2012

More Art Journaling

Art Journaling seems to be all the art I do lately. I know that isn't a bad thing but soon I hope to be able to share something else. The writing is going good. That will be over by the end of the week.

Art continues to help me cope with life.  My dog had another seizure last night.  He seems to recover just fine but it is not a fun thing to have to witness.  I am taking him to the vet again tomorrow.

I decided to put the oil pastel aside and work on a different type of page. This page used  spray inks and lots of layers of stamping.  It was fun to keep adding things. to the page in the same color scheme. I find it fun to mix things up a bit.

Here are some Pieces I have done for DEEP, they are created with oil pastels.

I continue to enjoy the intuitive painting process and love seeing where it takes me. Sometimes it just shapes and other times distinct images seem to take form. It is an amazing process.

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  1. Kate, these are great...I love all the bright colors. And the one about your wild side is gorgeous. That's my favorite but then I've always loved animal prints!

    You must have a sense of accomplishment when you get to the end of November and your writing is finished. I admire that you do this every year.


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