Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Raven Makes Me Smile

I was feeling a little down yesterday and then I saw Connie's post about crows and thought maybe I need to paint one of my own,  I had this blue/green background in my art journal that I didn't know what to do with it. I picked up a black oil pastel and drew this raven. I like the idea of keeping him partially blue/green.  It was a satisfying little drawing and then I felt uplifted.  I love how raven does that for me.

Nanowrimo is winding down.  I'm just a couple days from finishing and that feels good.  I am going to my last write-in with my peeps tonight.  We'll write and cheer each other on. I so love the community we have created.


  1. Ah, the raven. The ultimate oracle, wise and beautiful. Your painting gives him a somewhat ethereal look. As it should be. xo

  2. Leaving the blue and green showing through was a good decision. Like Judie said, he looks ethereal.


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