Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turning To Art

Its been quite a week. First I had to put Lucky to sleep and then Flynn has had 2 seizures today. The first at 2 am was pretty bad but the second around noon was short. He seems to be recovering but it is still pretty scary. It been hard to focus on writing so i have turned to art. Here is what I have been doing this week.

In DEEP the course I am taking from Connie Hozvicka; we are playing with oil pastels. This was created on charcoal paper and has layered colors and scraping with a stylus. The entire background became her hair.  This was fun to do.

I have been missing my kitty so last night I drew this little kitty to represent her. You know I really felt a whole lot better after doing this piece. It was like I put all my feelings into all the scribbling.  I used Portfolio oil pastels for these first two pieces

These next two are in my Canson mixed media journal. They both had scrapings from my palette as a starting point.  I added gelatos oil pastels for all the color in the background.  I also used some liquid acrylic. This is so vibrant in person. It annoys me that I can't take a good picture of this to share her.

This second one is created with the same materials.  Early on is started to look like an Abalone shell so tried to go with that. It is more vibrant in person.  Both of these pieces were very organic in their creation.

This last one was fun. Ink has seeped through from another page. So I started adding Portfoilio oil pastels. I had these 2 orange circles so I kept adding color and then I thought that looks like a mother and a baby, so I drew simple faces and kept going.  I am loving working with oil pastels this way.


  1. Oh no! Not Flynn too. I hope he is doing better. Your paintings are beautiful. I can't wait to see them in real life.

  2. Art is definitely so helpful in healing a bruised heart. Sending love and light to you and your pup !

  3. Lots of beautiful, colorful art here today. The kitty picture is wonderful. I hope Flynn is doing better. That must be scary for you.

  4. It's so hard to say goodbye but to have another one with seizures...even harder! Isn't art so necessary in situations like these? It's good to see you processing with pastels!


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