Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A little art here and there.

I  decided a face was in order for this background.  After the first underpainting she really looked Native American to me.  So that is what I went for.

This page was done awhile ago.  It is so vibrant in person, I continue to have issues getting colors tos come out. Oh well, it was fun, sort of like Tracy Verdugo's ideas of portals but was not created her way.

That is all the art to share, I have been busy decorating the house, finishing presents and all that jazz.

I signed up to take a ticket to Venice with Mary Ann Moss, it involves virtual travel, making journals and more.  I should be a fun thing to do during the holidays.  It starts in a couple days.  You can find out more on MaryAnn's blog

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  1. Oh Kate, love your "art here & there." :]
    How wonderful, I think, all MaryAnn's classes are awesome... ENJOY!! ~xx


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