Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Poor Foot

On Sunday I slipped in a store. Mostly my dignity was bruised. I did get a bruise on my shin and had a sore foot. They foot just got worse. It may be broken or not. I  had an xray yesterday and I am waiting to hear the radiologists report.

So on my early morning times when I couldn't sleep because of the pain. I pulled out the journal and drew my foot. It was pretty cathartic. I was able to sleep afterwards.

Today I decided it was time to sharpen the pencils I have been using.  This led to sharpening all my pencils. Look at all the color in those shavings.

Here are just a few of my beautifully sharpened pencils.  I know I am going to be happy I took the time to do this the next time I sit down to draw.

I am off to have a Christmas lunch with a friend, what fun thing are you doing today?

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