Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Making the Holidays Yours

We are well into the Holiday Season. I find myself back at another stage. When my daughter was born I missed the big family gatherings and would lament about the loss of them every year. I had to make new traditions and create my own holidays.

I still watched all the sappy Hollywood movies, still longing for that wonderful time.

Too often I would feel like Charlie Brown with his sad little tree. No matter what I did it felt lacking. I know it was just my perception of things. I know that we had wonderful holidays.
This year my daughter will not be home for Christmas, and I am finding this to be hard.

I have been looking for ways to make this year special for Dave and myself. We've been remodeling so there is no money for a trip. I found myself not even wanting a tree or decorating. I decided that would really make me depressed. So we got a tree and the house looks festive, things are looking up. I added new decorations and that was fun to do. I want to be like the happy guy to my left.

So how do you do that. So many of have issues with these holidays. Maybe a parent died at this time, or we miss their celebrations, just don't feel like we are in a situation to be merry. It doesn't matter the reason there are always things you can do to make yourself happy and content. I thought I'd share some of the things I plan on doing this year. They are simple but they are enough.

1. Decorate even if its just for yourself, you'll get pleasure out of seeing the beauty in your home. I decorated my tree with all birds this year.
2, Celebrate the Winter Solstice. Do a search the internet for ideas on how to celebrate this holiday.
3. Cook new foods- I am planning on making home made cinnamon rolls for Breakfast on Christmas Morning.
4. Feed the ducks on Christmas Day - we do this every year and I really enjoy it. we head down to the river and pay attention to those animals who get neglected on this day.
5. I signed up for a class that starts  Dec 15, a new creative activity always gets me going.
6. I'll still watch sappy movies but I will work on knitting projects during them.
7. Go see Christmas lights.
8. Go to the Museum exhibit for its many displays. This year in addition to the gingerbread houses and santas there is a penguin display that I want to see.
9. Participate in secret santa buying for others. Its fun to help families in need.
10. Bake christmas goodies and invite friends over. I did this already and it was great fun.
11. Skype on Christmas Day so I can share Christmas with my daughter even if we are not together.

These are just some ideas but you can create your own, you can make the holidays be whatever you want them to be.  Just be creative and have fun.


  1. I really like this post, Kate. I think that's the important thing--to make Christmas yours and to not let anyone or anything dictate to you what should or should not be done. I like your ideas too. xoO


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