Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Getting Back to Some Art

With my focus on weaving and other projects there has been no time for art.  I have not even working in my journal for over a week I was missing it. I had an exercise to do for one of my courses but I felt uninspired so I did nothing.  So I needed a jump start to get back in the flow.  Just paper and oil pastel does that for me.

So after playing in pastel I was ready to tackle the labyrinth page I needed to do.

The background is old maps and the labyrinth was made with watercolor.  For me the labyrinth journey was all about courage and preparation for the trip I will take in a couple month.  I see the figure as having strength, the will to be prepared for anything.  This was a great exercise.

Today for 21 Secrets our guest Violette was doing faces with markers but I ended up doing my work with oil pastel and collage.  All the collage elements are from an old calendar.  She seems like a plant maiden of a sorts. She was fun to make. The face was done on cardstock and glued down.  I had many frustrating moments where I did not like what I was making, but I pushed on through. It always more satisfying to do art that way.

How often do you find that you are not happy with your art but you keep at it and find a pleasing gem at the end?

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  1. Beautiful work, love the colours. Valerie

  2. Gorgeous pages, just lovely. xx

  3. Using oil pastel is fun. You have beautiful colors in your collage. It happens to me often that I am not happy with my art. Then it comes some new idea and it feels better again. Happy PPF!

  4. Your labyrinth page is really cool! I love what you did with the figure.

    Your plant maiden has such a great, faraway look in her eyes. Makes me wonder what she is daydreaming about! The way you did the fence is super cool, by the way. :)

  5. I love all the elements in your pieces! So many fun and beautiful things to look at! Thanks for sharing, Happy Paint Party Friday!

  6. Beautiful work Kate. Love the Labyrinth collage page, looks like you are well prepared for the journey.

    Annabelle : )

  7. How wonderful that you've found a way to get into doing art work even when you don't want to. I have the same thing with a set procedure for doing a background - it always worked. Really like your labyrinth, what a great idea to use something so symbolic in your art.

  8. great selection of artwork Kate. Happy PPF, Annette x

  9. I love the body on your plant maiden! Such a cool design.


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