Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some Time at the Loom

I've been weaving the last few days. A big push to finish this set of towels. I have to free up the loom for a new project so I worked really hard to get them completed.

The cotton towels off the loom

Even though the towels are woven, they are not quite finished. I had a lot of broken warp threads that have to be woven into the cloth. Then I secure the two end of the warp on my sewing machine and then wash the towels.  Next comes cutting them apart and hemming them.  I always hem my towels by hand.

Cones of yarn

Now my weaving studio looks pretty disastrous.  I have cones of cotton all over the floor. I am putting colors together to see how they will work.  Its all part of the design process for me. I have lots of blues and greens and purples to play with.

More color combinations

I am doing another set of towels to give as gifts for my trip to Ireland.  I'll be putting on a natural colored warp in a bird eye twill pattern.  I plan to do different color combinations for
different towels.  Its all in my head right now but I am hoping it translates well to the loom.

I found this version of bird eye twill on this site.  As you can see it makes diamonds with a dot in the center.  Its a pattern I like to weave but I have never used it for towels.


  1. Lovely ! It must be very meditative to weave.
    Enjoy your flow !

  2. Such gorgeous towels. I've only used a simple loom but there is something about weaving that is relaxing.

  3. Kate, your weaving is beautiful. If I had towels like that I doubt if I would use them! I'd just hang them and look at them all day.

  4. You are a woman of many talents - I don't often wear hats - but if I did I would most definitely wear that one - those are some of my fav colors and I love the pattern


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