Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What's Hidden Underneath

I woke up on Sunday morning to this lovely stuff.  We got about 8 inches.  It was wet and heavy and soon will be gone.  It was a shock though, it the most snow we got all year. It came down in this big fluffy white flakes and was quite beautiful to see.

In my journal I have been making some small collages. The background on this one was made with some alcohol ink and then the black was printed with a gelli plate. The paper is tyvek. The quote comes from The Medicine Cards book. I typed it out on my typewriter. I really like having that tool at my disposal.  The image of the hawk is from a calendar.

This one is all collage.  I used wrapping paper, scraps of walpaper, cut out from a creft magazine and more. Just lots of fun with layered elements.  There is paint underthe entire thing.  I didn't like what was happening with it so I just covered the whole thing.  Art is like that sometime, you never know what is underneath it all. As a mixed media artist I create layers, layers of word, paint, images.  It is like each layer leads to the next, if I skipped one I would never get to the next step. We have the ability to hide things that we don't want others to see but still those messages are in the energy of the piece. In this piece, by covering it all up I think my message is that you keep moving when you've hit a stumbling block.  You push on until you come out at the other end with some sense of satisfaction.

Do you hide things in the layers of your work?

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