Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Fall Trip To Yellowstone

Our new trailer has been in the shop for months. So when we finally got it back we immediately headed up to Yellowstone Park.

Here I am with Bell in Lamar Valley. This is one place where we look for wolves.  I saw more wolves than I ever have before.  The one we saw here was close, you could see it without the aid of binoculars or spotting scopes. One day we saw 17 wolves out of a pack of 24. That was all through a scope far away. That was pretty awesome. I had never seen more than 7 wolves before so this was pretty special.  Also got to hear the howl of wolves.  There really is nothing like hearing that. It really calls to me on a different level.

This Raven sat on the picnic table next to our campsite and talked to me.  He was huge but the picture doesn't show that at all.

Elk Bull, can you see all the dirt on him.  During the rut(mating season) they urinate on the ground and then roll in it. I guess it makes them smell just like the cows want them too.

We saw these two young bulls going at it right in the city of Mammoth.

They connected there antlers but they were really just playing.  We thought we were going to see an elk fight but it did not happen. Later on we saw an Elk through our scopes that had been in a fight. It looked like he had puncture wounds in his side.

There is a rest stop on the Idaho Montana border. If you don't look you might miss these sculptures. They were hard to photograph but well worth seeing.

You can see the sun shining through the spots on this Appaloosa horse.

This last one shows the whole train of people walking. It was quite fun to see. Some great art right on the side of the road. I loved it.  I like it when I can find little surprises when traveling.

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  1. We have still not been to Yellowstone! I'm sure we would love it though. And those sculptures of the Native Americans are fantastic. I'd love to see them.


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