Monday, October 13, 2014

Playing With Picasso

Collage ala Picasso.  This was a fun one.

Picasso style based on work by Theresa McFayden in the Masters course.

I started with this portrait of Picasso of a woman sleeping.  I loved the simplicity of this.  It wasn't very simple to paint though. 

So many colors that I had trouble making come out right. I can see that I need to work on mixing colors instead of depended on all the colors out there. I learned a lot with this. I also can't paint a straight line. There are so many things wrong with her but I choose not to focus on them.  To focus on the process and what I learned is way more important than this color is wrong, or the hands don't look right and so forth. I am learning so much studying these masters. I can see myself doing even more of this when the course is done.

Working with Picasso is so much like play. Have you taken your creative self out to play lately? What did you discover?  


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