Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fun With A New Supply

I have been waiting for this small gelli plate to be available on Amazon. Its a bit overpriced so I wanted the free shipping.  I have been collecting plate sizes with the idea of teaching a class at some point.  I started with the 8 X 10, received the 6 x 6 as a gift and bought the circle plate awhile ago.  I won't buy the biggest one because it is way too much money.  I think if I want a big one I will make it myself.  This small one is great for tags and printing on small pieces of paper.

I went through a test the other day and made a bunch of prints. The green and red one was hardly blended.  It looked like balloons to me so I pulled a print right away. The dark blue one has its ghost print underneath it. I like how different they look.

Here is another group, some I like and some I didn't. The real gaggy ones I didn't show.

This one using a birch tree stencil is my favorite. The hardest thing with the small plate is not to keep running over it to the paper.  I need a lighter touch or a smaller brayer.  It is fun though, and its quick to make some backgrounds for tags or cards.

What fun supplies have you been playing with this week?


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  1. I expect you'll have tons of fun with that! I have all the ingredients to make one with gelatine and glycerine mainly... but can't find a rectangular silicone mould/container. I think I'm going to have to give up and use the pyrex one I have.
    Personally I've been making mini journals this week from cereal boxes (the covers anyway). It was something I learned from Kiala Goodhand. She has a wonderful Book In A Day series where she makes one a day.
    Have fun creating with your new gelli plate!



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