Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sketches- Selfie's And More Fun Stuff

I have to admit that trying to get my writing done for the week and all my Sketchbook skool assignments have been keeping me busy.

This was done with that blue lamy safari pen. I drew it on a piece of mail by looking in a mirror. Then I wrote yuck on the paper.  Then of course I said, just keep going, finish the drawing.  I am glad I did.  The thing about drawing is you just keep going, keep practicing and at some point you become satisfied with your skills.  Its all part of the process.

My next selfie was created from a photo. A contour drawing where you try to not lift the pen I did it mostly that way but not all.  It was fun. I used a Lamy Safari fountain pen with a fine nib. The hair was incredibly fun to do.

This selfie was drawn from a mirror.  Its kind of wonky but fun.  I am liking how all of them look totally different.

This is  selfie #7 drawn from an old photo before I got my haircut.  Also with glasses on which was its own challenge.  Well I did it, a selfie a day for 7 days.

This drawing was from a magazine photo. I wish I hadn't tried to add shadows to the face with pen. There was no fixing it after that. I like the picture so much I may have to draw it again.

This is a photo of my sister and my daughter.  The fingers are a little too close together but I think you still get the idea.

I really like the idea of making drawings from family photos. Its been fun. I think I want to do some vintage photos next. Kate

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  1. These selfies are all great. I recognize you in each of them.

    I can't tell you how many times I've added something in ink to a drawing and the instant I do it I know I've just ruined my piece...but I really didn't even notice the shadows until you mentioned them.


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