Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Wonderful Gift

A little while ago I got this surprise gift in the mail from my friend Julie Scott. She is ready to step out into the world as an artist.  Her company Designworks of the Napa Valley sells original art, prints and cards.  She wanted to add Pet portraits to her website.  So she took one of my photos of Belle and painted this.  I love it. She did an awesome job.  Her website isn't up yet or I would share it here. You can find her on Facebook though.

I drew this bird from an image on a file folder. Color was added with Inktense and Graphitint pencils.

This is another exercise from Sketchbook Skool.  Drawn from an old photograph. I am loving doing these studies.

I am linking to Paint Party Friday.  You can check them out here



  1. What a pretty pooch :) Loving your Sketchbook exercises, Kate!
    Happy PPF xx

  2. I love the painting of Bella. What a wonderful gift. Your work continues to make me smile. I love to see what you are learning in Sketchbook Skool.

  3. Love your sketchbook pieces and a great gift from your friend. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Your friend is very talented and very thoughtful to give you this lovely portrait of your dog!

  5. I love your sketch and thanks for sharing your lovely gift. Your friend is very talented.

  6. Sweet gift! A lovely memory keeper.
    Loving your birdie action!
    Happy Halloween!

  7. That's a great gift, and a beautiful painting of Belle. When I scrolled down to the bird I thought you were going to say the same person did it, too. It's fantastic! And I'm loving your drawings from old photos.

  8. How wonderful! I love the graphitint and inktense pencils - so fun to use! Happy PPF!

  9. I think the doggie portrait is absolutely lovely. Your bird is so cute too! Happy PPF


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