Monday, January 25, 2010

Striped Paper

I am hooked at making this striped paper I learned about at Hanna's site. She has a tutorial on her site on making it so I won't repeat it here.

First I made a page with all sorts of colors.

Then I tried all one color and that was fun too.

Next I tried doing the stripes in a different direction, this works great when your paper scraps are not that long.

Then I tried a red page which was harder since I didn't have that many red scraps. So I just cut off some strips of scrapbook paper that I had.

In all these papers I used all sort of things, scrapbook paper, wallpapers, Tyvek that I had painted, old calenders. Its a great way to use up all those small bits of paper.

So what to do with the paper now, ideas are backgrounds for art journal pages, postcards, greeting cards and more. Also here is a warning once you start making these you won't want to stop...


  1. The red one is my favorite! But I like them all. I saw this on iHanna's site and I thought I'd try it too but today I didn't have time. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. These look like fabulous background pages. The sewing will just add texture. I will have to try this someday. Waaay too much on my project list right now.

  3. Looks like fun. Thanks I'll check out the link.

  4. Now you have done it!!!!I am ready to get the sewing machine out and sew like crazy. These are really pretty. I am a quilter and this really hit a art nerve. I like them all.
    Hugs, Mary


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