Saturday, January 9, 2010

January Journaling

I decided to do January Journaling along with Misty Mawn again this year. It is really different, basically a prompt for the week instead of daily. I think I like daily better but here are some pages I did this week.

The theme this week is to use your own pictures, usually when I try this they all end up looking like scrap booking pages. Even though this looks like a scrapbook page I did like using the Japanese paper over black gesso. I stamped Asian words in black but then I wrote over them in gold so they don't show real well.

The stamping I did in the background is so subtle it doesn't show up well in photos. Sorry about that.

Here I tried adding two photographs to see if that would help make it less scrapbook like and added some words.

In this last one once again I don't think the stamping shows up, there are subtle roses int here that look pretty cool in the original piece. After doing these I am ready to go back to journaling my own way. Maybe if I had been taking a lot of pictures it would have been more fun. All my old pictures are on a different machine so I didn't have access to them when I was working on these pages. So yes I did jump out of my comfort zone and maybe I will try this again at another time.


  1. I can see the stampings in those photos. All of them turned out great and I don't think they look scrapbooky.

    I've seldom used my own photos in my journal. I looked at the journaling prompts and decided to just do my own thing. Maybe if they had been daily prompts I might have tried it.

  2. Kate, all your pages look terrific to me.
    Love the gold writing and Asian papers!

    I wonder if you'd like to join a small group of artists doing a Traveling Art Book...we'd love to add your art to it. You can learn about it on my blog...see side bar, and last few days posts. Perhaps you'd be willing to alert your artist friends about the group too. We can fill the goup with as few as four more artists. I'm completing two other such groups and the art shared/received in my book sent out is just wonderful to behold. Thanks if you feel like doing either of these request, and fine if you do neither. ;-) ( or

  3. I think they look great too. I think I'm seeing the stamping---the pattern---think they're beautiful! xo, O

  4. I love these pieces. Very evocative!

  5. Your journal pages looks wonderful, Kate. I particularly love the second pic....I'm a huge fan of blue. :) Btw, your daughter looks so much like you!

  6. Your journal pages just are amazing, Kate! And I like the other posts (Misty snowflakes, and your "face"). Your art makes me smile. The blue is fabulous! Thanks for visiting The Marmelade Gypsy -- I suspect the campus hasn't changed ALL that much since you were there! Come back and visit sometime!


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