Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Working with Goddess Leonie's Planner

I've been slowly working through my 2010 Planner from Goddess Leonie. I do a little at a time. I like to let things mull over for awhile plus I think it helps to think thing over a bit before committing it to paper.

When I did my Goddess Habits list I liked it and then after reading it I decided I want to redo it. I can see that # 8  and 9 are real similar so I can combine them and add another.  I may change the wording a little on some of them. I like the freedom of being able to print out another page and begin again. I really like this list and I am finding that in the morning I start thinking about what is on that list and try to incorporate them in my life. This morning while cooking breakfast I found myself dancing my heart out to Michael Buble' singing Fever. That sure was fun.

As you can see my Medicine Bag of Tools isn't quite full. As time goes on I think about new things to put here.

Here I have added my word of the year to that page. Don't you just love all the colorful illustrations that you get with this book. I think that is what makes it so much fun. If the idea intrigues you just click on the pic in my sidebar and you can get your very own to play in.


  1. So many wonderful tools and toys to get us through and stay in a creative, moving forward place ! Nice work, Goddess Kate !;)

  2. What a great book Kate. I can see how this would be so helpful.


  3. I love that you put Bliss on your word for the year...I must say this was really fun to ready and I am so ready to get into my own little journal. I finished the front cover and put it on my blog this evening. It took me forever to decide the direction I wanted to go with it.
    Your list is wonderful and got me thinking which is always a good thing. Love this, mary


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