Friday, January 15, 2010

My new painted planner

As promised I have been decorating the planner I bought to use this year.  Here is the front cover. First I used gesso but I needed to cover up the indented name on the cover so I used molding paste and then more gesso and added paint and stamping.

The back cover is just a continuation of the same colors. I just used a couple layers of gesso before adding paint.

This is the inside cover, I keep adding things to this page and then wiping them off. Now I think I will leave it blank for awhile and maybe add my goals for the year to the page.

and here is the inside back cover.

My journal page that I did yesterday, I had no clear notion on what I was going to journal on. This idea on bravery seemed to just pop out. Maybe there is some hidden task I really need to start on.

Now I really need to get to work on a page for a new book group I am taking part. I will post more on that when I get something done for it. Today I am off to my writers group meeting, maybe I'll be able to squeeze in some art this evening.

How about you how do find time to make art on a busy weekend.


  1. Very nice, Kate. I love all of the subtle layers and things hidden behind! xo, O

  2. Wow! That's so much prettier than a plain cover. And it would make me more inclined to use the planner. Love that feathery white layer and the "Art" stamp.

  3. Love your planner. Thanks for your comment on my blog and thanks for the links to paper bag books and snowflakes cutting. They are really helpful.

  4. Cool! I a m working on the cover for my 2010 journal..I mean ..after all it IS the 19 of January..haha

  5. OH, how lovely!!! I especially love the inside back cover! I've just been doodling in biro over the front of my dayplanner as the urge takes me.

    Btw, thanks for pointing me to Judy Wise's blog re. the pain I've been having in my feet. I follow Judy's blog but had missed that post. I found it very interesting and it confirms my belief that we are more empowered that we give ourselves credit for. Thanks again ~


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