Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pondering a few things

Every once in awhile I get a comment from someone I do not know. My usual procedure is to go look at the persons profile and then their blog. Sometimes I can figure out how they found me and sometimes I can't. That part doesn't really matter but I always gain something from this exchange. Sometimes it results in a new insight or a new blogging friend.

I was over at Beverly Baird's blog and in one of her posts she gave a series of links and one if them was to Joseph Campbell's The Heroes Journey It is really good excerpt and although I know all that it says I do tend to forget.

One of the phrases that resonated with me today was the following:

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

To me this is a statement that makes so much sense yet at the same time is hard to realize. Since being diagnosed with Bell's Palsey I have been trying to figure what it means for me. I've been told that it is pretty much a stress disease and the way to heal it it to reduce stress. Of course that is easy to say but not particularly helpful.

I find it hard to determine just what is stressful for me. I have cut way back on things so I think that is good. For me it then becomes what can bring back into my life that has me in a quandary. I have this dialogue with myself; can I take a class again, or will this swap I have been invited to participate in cause too much stress. I imagine that I just have to try things and pay attention to how my body reacts.

Then I also think about Joseph Campbell's quote and wonder is this how I have chosen to live out that quote, that my body decided its time to stop to make way for whatever is coming next. I have come across this before, I think it was three years ago when I sprained my ankle and was forced to literally stop. That period of time led me to mixed media and all that I spend my time on now. I can't help but think of that now and wonder if I am entering a similar period or not.

Another interesting thing is that this is in winter which seems to be a time of hibernation of sorts. When I sprained my ankle it was winter too. So perhaps when spring comes around I will find a new purpose or direction for my life.

A little Bliss

As you know my word for the year is Bliss and I experienced it yesterday and it felt pretty good. Everyone should have that feeling in their lives. Months ago I started doing this free form dancing with a few friends. We had one in our group who had taken NIA classes and she was showing us a few routines but then she moved. So now we just do our own thing to the music she made for us and some collections we have made for ourselves.

We had been meeting at my friend Patti's house, she has a log home with a nice hard wood floor. When she had to be out of town we would meet at my house. I have a hard wood floor in one room, its not as big as the other place but it does work for our small group. During December I had my Christmas tree in there and Patti' had work conflicts so we didn't meet for over a month.

Last night we met at my house and of course we were all a little bit rusty but got into the groove after a short time. I was dancing to one of the songs and felt that feeling of bliss come over me. It was just wonderful. Here is the song for you. Another wonderful song that we end with that I really love is The Healing Room by Sinead O'Connor. There is no video on YouTube but you can find it on iTunes, it is from the album Faith and Courage. I usually don't care for her music but this song is definitely an exception.

Here's hoping you have some bliss today.


  1. That quote of Campbell's has been one of my favourites for some time...even before cancer and I became acquainted (we aren't friends, not even acquaintances...cancer wanted to come in but I said, "no thanks"). I, like you, took it and then spent time figuring out how it applied to my life at that time and continue to use it as a "benchmark" of sorts. No amount of planning and organizing is going to get us where we are meant to be, to what waits for us around the next bend.

    Stress and I went hand in hand and I've done much to remove it -- bringing things back Kate, I think you will know with each one what resonates and feels "right".

    Adding bliss as your intention and your watch word will help...because if any activity or choice doesn't bring you bliss then it's not meant to be back with you.

    Love to you on your bliss journey!!

  2. I love that quote by Joseph Campbell too...very meaningful and really gets you thinking, doesn't it? How wonderful that you had a moment of bliss whilst dancing....good for you, Kate!

  3. Love to know that you are dancing your way to bliss too ! So cool ! From what I have read about Nia it is very like the Yoga Dance style I have started. Doesn't it feel good to just dance your heart ?
    I agree with Sherry about just bringing back in what feels "right". I think that by letting og of a lot, we can then feel what we need back a bit better.
    I am loving my boogying hibernation - glad to know you are cozy in your cave too.
    Hugs !

  4. I also like that quote very much....and it does get me to thinking.

    Dancing has never felt comfortable to me but maybe I should try it in private in my own studio and just see what happens.


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